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    We have been going through a custody battle with the kids being in a third world country. The courts were getting very upset with the mother for not doing what she was ordered to do even with my husband fronting all of the money. My husband was ordered to go and get the kids. He was given temporary custody back in June, but the mother never complied. By the way, the children are American citizens.

    Last night, my husband returned with 2 of the 3 children. The mother still has not gotten a passport for the third child. They were excited to be back. They love their mother, but they have spent most of their lives living in America and with their father.

    They were so excited to take a hot bath. They did not have hot and cold water where they were. While in the tub, they were telling me things like their mothers house is full of roaches; the mothers new baby is the only one who gets to take a warm bath because they cook his water. They had on ripped belts and shoes with holes in them. One of them also complained that the shoes hurt his feet. The shoes hurt because they are too small. We had previously purchased clothes and shoes for them so they will no longer have to wear those shoes or clothes.

    They told me all of this, and I only spent 1 hour with them. I did not question them. I just let them talk.

    Should we let the evaluator know about this?

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    Ummm....yes!!! That is neglect! Neglect is child abuse!


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      Better yet, if possible, let the kids tell the evaluator.
      Don't listen to a word I say because ya know I've gotta be crazy to be a Brown's fan.


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