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Contract labor and past due child support Oklahoma

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  • Contract labor and past due child support Oklahoma

    My ex's employer is rufusing to comply with a Court Ordered Wage Assignment for over $18,000 in past due child support on the basis that he (my ex) is paid as Contrat this legal?

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    Have you called your child support enforcement agency? they would be the best place to start.


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      I am currently waiting on getting assistance from the state child support agency, but they are very hard to communicate with and never seem to have a straight answer. There is no way to talk directly with your case worker about issues and questions, you just have to call and leave a message for her and then call back to see if she's left a message in the computer regarding your question!

      I applied for assistance in January and have still not received any payments. The NCP works for a friend of his who is the owner of the business. Between the two of them, they are dragging this process out very far.

      The child support agency continues to send out demand letters to the employer, but no sanctions have been imposed.

      I'm just frustrated.


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        Iam In Oklahoma Also And I Know They Are Hard To Deal With Here!!
        Ive Been There More Then Once. You Can Tell Them You Want The Answers To Your Questions Without Going Thru The Automative System They Have 3 Days To Call You Back (if You Arnt There Then That Will Lead Back To The System) If You Feel That You Still Arnt Getting What You Need Then Do What I Did. I Called The Governors Office And Believe It Or Not You Can Leave A Mess On His Voice Mail!! I Basically Said I Cant Get Cse To Return My Calls Ive Waited 15 Years For My Support And If Something Isnt Done Iam Going To The Papers And Whatever Else I Can To Make A Stink. (however It Was Election Time) He Personally Called Me Back I Gave Him The Details And He Had The Cse On The Phone With Me That Day!! Within 30 Days We Were In Court (i Hadnt Recieved A Penny In 15 Years I Couldnt Afford An Attorney So I Requested A Modification Hearing) It Was The Only Way I Could Get In Front Of A Judge. They Raised My Current Support From $100.00 To $300.00 And Made Him Start Paying The $100.00 A Month Toward The Back Support! I Had To Get All The Info On Him Myself I Found Out Where He Worked, Lived, And Ect: I Know He Makes More Then He Claimed His Parents Own There Own Oilfield Company ( And We All Know Thats Where The Money Is Now Lol) However Hes Paid Alot Of It Under The Tabel So Nothing I Can Do There. Iam Unsure How Conract Labor Works But There Surely Away To Find Out(maybe You Can Get In Writeing What Someone Paid Him For A Job) What Does He Do? From My Experience We Have To Be The Detective On Our Own Cases!! Theres Also A Company Called Kidsupport They Have A Web Site I Actually Talked To Them About My Case And If I Hadnt Of Gotton My Day In Court Ide Of Went Thru Them. They Collect Your Money Thru All Diff. Ways Liens,inhert,bank Acct,insurance Claims Whatever They Can Find They Do Charge A Fee But Its Worth Checking Into. Sence Iam In Ok I Might Be Able To Help You Out More If I Knew More!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!! By The Way One Pointe Of Advice Go For The Drivers Linc. He Needs His Vehicel To Work And He Wont Have A Choice But To Loose It If He Doesnt And Ok Is Good About Doing It!!!!
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          Thank you...

          Thank you for your advice. I just might be making a call to the Govener's Office.


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