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Il here affording going back to court

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  • Il here affording going back to court

    I have learned so much reading everything i can on here. i have a couple of questions...first i want to husband is the ncp i am the step mother. he pays his c.s. on time,but how in the world do people afford to hire a lawyer to modify issues. is there a trick to doing this?? my husband lived in the same town as his child the 1st 2 years..we met he was working a suplimental job decent pay but no insurance no retirement etc etc..he moved 1 1/2 hours away has great job, in school, insurance for him and his child wth a 10.00 co/pay dental and good move but less pay.. we did have that modified and the judge granted a decrease in c.s. but noted the increase in benefits for the child. However his child is turning 13 and we get the normal everyother weekend and 2 weeks summer.. we want more time in the summer with him. and with gas prices climbing to $3.00 gal would like for her to share the drive. does any of this sound possible to get done.

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    Check the indigence requirements for a court appointed attorney. Sometimes they aren't the best but they can do the required attorney stuff.

    As far as travel:

    My decree states that who ever is getting our daughter (whether it is a weekend or a vacation) picks her up. So say she is coming to my house, I pick her up from her Dads. When the visit is over and it is his turn to have her back, he picks her up from my house. This splits the time and distance exactly 50/50.

    If you can get court appointed representation, try to bring up as many of the issues that concern you as possible. Try to make it a "one shot deal" Don't nit pick everything as that usually tick's off most judges and makes you look like you only brought them to court in an effort to harass the other party.

    You might consider trying to get a little more time with the child if your SO wants to. Every kid should have generous contact with both of their parents as long as the parent is stable and good to the child.

    That's all I got
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