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Stepparent Adoption Homestudy Ohio

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  • Stepparent Adoption Homestudy Ohio


    My husband and I are about to embark upon the adventure of filing a petition for Stepparent Adoption. Can anybody tell me what all is involved in a homestudy? I have seen it described as a "psychological, social, criminal, medical and financial assessment of the petitioners" but do they also actually "study" your "home"?

    Also, does anybody know where to find a list of the approved agencies who can conduct the homestudy?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The homestudy we did involved being finger printed and our criminal histories run, they asked how much we made, who lived here, if we owned or rented, how long we were on our jobs, what our monthly expenses were, what we planned for child care, if we had extended family in the area and if they would help with the child if needed, they did a short inspection of our home (making sure there were smoke detectors on all floors adequate for the space, that it was clean, where the child's room was, what preparations are made for the child) ..... In our case it was children's services doing the inspecton. I don't know if probate has their own people or not because when I petitioned for my adoption, the homestudy done through children's services was still valid.
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