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New Reality show on Fox: Who's My Daddy? Premieres in early

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  • New Reality show on Fox: Who's My Daddy? Premieres in early

    But even more, I would like to see some new posters here. Or a really new topic. I'm not much good, can't think of one myself. RupaNew poster? New topic? Hmmmm, it is a bit OT but what the heck. Hominidshave been around for under 2 million years depending on who you read. Prettymuch all the big cultural type stuff has occurred in the last 10,000 years.The creatures we call dinosaurs were the dominant life forms for about 125million years but I have yet to read anything that suggests there wasintelligent life (with the develpment of technology) in that period. Theyhave been essentially gone for the last 65 million years so any trace ofthier technology has long gone to dust. What is my point? Why mustintelligent life look like us? Why do we assume that anyone or anythingthat does not look like us (read people of different races, religions,cultures) are somehow inferior to us? I have read that when Eskimos sawthier first caucasians they assumed they were some sort of new seal (as inpinapeds) since the only people were themselves. Maybe if we could sort thisout we could get by the whole transracial adoption issue.Raymond
    Did you catch the recent articles on Homo Floriensis? If they'd hung around
    another ten thousand years or so we might be talking about inter-species


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