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You Won"t See This On Fox News

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  • You Won"t See This On Fox News

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    You Won"t See This On Fox News

    [email protected] (Chosenchildinc1) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...

    Just terrible. The US needs to get worried, and fast. According to
    political experts on a news program today in Oz, we are observing the
    beginning of the demise of the US as a great power. Bush is doing
    what all other powerful leaders have done throughout history before
    their ultimate collapse into bankruptcy and winding up as just another
    tourist resort. It happened to Spain and Portugal and the UK, and
    other once great nations, after their extensive involvement in past

    Each great nation brought itself undone by growing its wealth and then
    ploughing much of its resources into building and maintaining
    powerful and expensive military bases across the world and involving
    itself in other countries problems or making declarations of war
    themselves. Just as Bush is doing now by reducing interest rates while
    simultaneously ploughing enormous amounts of revenue into fighting
    wars of his own making. He is leading the US into bankruptcy. China
    now lends the US hundreds of billions of dollars as part of a trade
    agreement and in return the US allows it to trade with them. It is
    anticipated, according to what was said today by a retired member of
    the UN, that by the rate of it revenue growth, China will be the next
    military power of the world within 30-40 years. Apparantly there is a
    book on it that is creating a lot of discussion within political
    circles but I didn't catch the name. Anyone know?



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