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is this wrongful termination

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  • is this wrongful termination


    Recently I was terminated by my employer for violating the companies conflict of interest policy. I recently married an employee of one of their vendors. The company policy states the following; Conflict of interest: All employees must conduct their affairs in a matter that does not conflict with the companies interest, you should not enter into any transactions acquire any interest in or take any action contrary to the company or incompatible with the loyalties an obligations inherent in your employment. This policy applies equally to member of an employee’s immediate family or other relatives living in the employee’s household. For example you may not directly or indirectly (as a director, officer, partner , member, manager, employee, or agent with the company or furnish any services to the company as a independent contractor). You may not use the company’s name to further any interest, if you have nonpublic information that the company is about to buy property or expand an existing site, you may not invest in land or in any businesses near the proposed new site. If you are uncertain about entering into any transaction or taking any action that may not be in the interest of the company or compatible with the loyalty and the obligations given inherent in you employment you must first contact the chairman, president or cfo of the company. If you find that you are in a situation contrary to company policy, you must promptly take remdial steps in consultation with either the chairman, president or cfo. The company claimed that my husband was owner of the company, which he brought after my termination. They have insisted that I funished this contract to his company even though they have the previous owners tax records along with the contract. In addition, there is another female employee of a different race than I who is dating a vendor. This gentleman is the owner of the company and they have not terminated her.

    My question is this did my marrying a vendors employee violate the conflict outlined above and two. Why have I been treated differently than my counterpart.

    thanks so much for your assistance.

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