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Can they do this? (IN)

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  • Can they do this? (IN)

    Does anyone know what the uniform policy is in the state of Indiana? I just got fired or "let go" over not wearing exactly what they want us to wear, but the thing is that I have worked there for over a year and we had uniforms when I hired in, but we were never offered them as drivers. I think that if they wanted us to wear a uniform they would've pushed the issue when I hired in. Now, everyone is required to wear the uniforms which include a polo knit shirt and khaki dress pants and brown leather boots. (We are drivers, not salesmen. None of the drivers are happy with what we have to wear.) My boss told me that we could wear just the polo shirt and boots with blue jeans and that would be fine, so this is what I had been doing. Now, they tried to have us sign a paper that says we have to pay $6.60/week for the uniforms to be cleaned and at the end of the year the money will be returned to us. If we miss a day of wearing our uniforms then we are out the money we have put in. I think that this is witholding our money, which I don't think is legal. I did not sign the paper stating that they could take the money from my paycheck and that I would wear the complete uniform, including the khaki pants instead of jeans. This is why I was "let go"...because I didn't sign the paper because I was told I could wear jeans instead of the khakis. I didn't sign it because I was told it was okay to wear the jeans. Besides that, I feel that if a company requires uniforms they should have to pay for them...correct me if I'm wrong. I just got a raise of 10 dollars/week and if I were to pay 7/week then out the door went my raise... Please give me your thoughts and or comments. Thanks, Dallas from the state of Indiana.

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    They can require the uniform, that's legal.

    They don't have to pay for the uniform if it's clothing that can be warn if "everyday" use, that's legal too.

    They can terminate you for not agreeing to wear the uniform, legal as well.

    What I'm not sure of is the deduction of the cost for cleaning, I would hope that wasn't legal but I have to defer that one to one of the "sharpies" on this board.


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      I didn't sign it because I was told it was okay to wear the jeans. But clearly your boss's decision was overruled. Your employer was free to terminate you for refusing to comply with their dress code requirements.

      On the subject of uniforms, I don't know what the law is in Indiana but I agree with Sockeye that in most instances, if the attire is such that the employee can wear it outside of work, then the employer does not need to pay for it. In other words, a Burger King smock must be supplied by the company but a polo shirt and khaki pants do not need to be.

      I question the payroll deduction for cleaning though. I suggest you give Indiana's Department of Labor a call on that one.


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        thanks for the info the uniforms have the company logo on the shirts i will get a copy of the paper thanks again Dallas


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