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Employer making me break law, threatening termination Maryland

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  • DAW
    This is going to be a very soft answer. Most employees are at will, meaning your employer can fire you for any reason, or no reason at all.
    The employer has to pay you something for hours worked. Maybe your normal rate, maybe minimum wage, maybe a lot of things depending of specifics of federal/state law. Now all of this is labor law. The rest of your question is unrelatd to labor law. I have no idea what non-labor law on tow trucks is. It seems to me that if you do an illegal tow, that you refusing to sign some piece of paper does not magically make the tow legal. But what the heck do I know? Now maybe your state has some sort of protection to employees who get fired for refusing to break the law, but that is also something I do not know.

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  • walkercj627
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  • Employer making me break law, threatening termination Maryland

    I work for a tow company that asked me to do an impound on a private business parking lot. It was requested by the owner, and we have our signs posted in the parking lot. The problem is that our signs are not up to specs for the new code for the county so it is illegal for us to do said tow. After a week of refusing to do it, i agreed to do it but i wasnt signing my name to any paper work and wanted nothing to do with it. After dropping the car I was informed that if i dont sign the tow slip i will not be getting paid, and they will find someone else to do what they need. Can they legally do this? I have a clean record and the last thing i need on my record is some form of grand theft. Can they take action if i refuse to do something that is against county rules and laws?
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