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Wrongful termination/false imprisonment - Indiana

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  • Wrongful termination/false imprisonment - Indiana

    Greetings....looking for "general insight" as to my next steps..
    I worked for, I'll call it "World-Mart" here in Southern Indiana, Feb. 2010, I was pulled into a back office, and sitting in there was the stores loss prevention manager, and another I didn't know. This wasn't odd to me, as I was up for store promotions, and loss prevention was one of them. However, for some strange reason, prior to walking into this office, I took "measures" that I felt my be of use, my instincts were correct...sadly.

    However, at first, it seemed like a typical interview. I was asked, how long I was there, what my goals were, where I saw myself in 10 years etc. This went on for 20 mins, and then it turned. I was then asked if I "was a thief, or someone who exercised poor judgment." Of course, I was a little dumbfounded, but, followed this guys lead. Needless to say, this person said "we have a video of you taking a "widget" and going to the back, and taking it and concealing it." I said, well, I don't recall this event at all, however, if that is a true statement, then there is nothing else to say, lets finish this interview. They asked me to write out a statement, and all I put on this form was "Nothing at this time." and signed it.

    Well, in walks in a couple of sheriff deputies, and a Indiana State trooper. I was then told, I was being arrested for theft, by the Trooper. I of course complied, and surrendered, all that was on my person, asked to be taken out the back, and the Trooper said he had no problem with that, since I was being cooperative. I was then fingerprinted, mug shot was taken, and processed into jail. I then had to pay a $300.00 bail (cash) which I never got back by the way, made bail, but before, I was released, I had a seizure and was taken to the hospital, where I spent about a week.

    After, many delays, my day in court came. The original stores Asset Protection was a witness, my former department manager, and the Trooper along with this 'video'. The Trooper testified, that he was told, and put in his report that the value was $20.00 or less which is already lower than the amount stated in "World-Marts" company policy! The department manger just testified that he was brought an empty package, from another associate, and he passed it to the AP. AP testified he watched the videos, saw I was the only one in this general area, and just wound the tapes back, and claimed he saw me take something from the floor, concealed it, took it to the back, and left the empty package there.

    Well, the video, didn't show what was claimed, we all stood around looking at it in court, and we couldn't see this supposed theft, and then as per "World-Mart" policy, they had to have eyes on me without a break otherwise, they would have to prove further. The video, they used, was five different shots, and there were more than several seconds or more in several spots, so again, another divergent of company written policy! Well, I was found not guilty, and judgment made.

    I then filed for unemployment, which after nearly two months, was approved....then I got a letter a few weeks back that "World-Mart" was going to appeal, the appeal was today, and again, it was found in my favor. So, I have now won the criminal case, and the unemployment case, and now the unemployment appeal....what if anything should be my next step?
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    If you're asking if this is a wrongful termination, it was not. A wrongful termination under the law means that a particular law was violated in your termination. Even if the employer was 100% wrong, no law was violated.
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      You need to look for other employment.
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