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Wrongful termination, accused of "stealing" California

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  • Wrongful termination, accused of "stealing" California

    Hi, just trying to find some answers to my problem hopefully. Any help is appreciated.

    So, I worked at a small rundown camera repair shop, and around 6 months ago I asked my immediate supervisor (also my friend from way back in high school who got me the job sorta) if it was alright to build a couple of lenses from parts we had for personal use. He said yes it was fine as long as I agreed not to sell them or anything like that, I agreed to his terms. I built 3 total lenses, after the third my supervisor started acting odd and paranoid and thought I was using too many parts. He started talking about how he was worried he would get in trouble, even though he expressed no worries or concerns when I originally asked him if it was alright. So, he ends up asking for the lenses back so he could dismantle them and do who knows what, he wasn't explaining himself much. But I agreed since he seemed concerned, and on the day I bring them back...before I even say anything to him, the owner of the shop asks me to come back to his office and says "Today I am let you go. I cannot trust person that take thing from shop." (He's Japanese and can't be bothered to learn English completely.) My supervisor and former friend was there and said nothing of how he gave me permission to do what I did, or that I agreed to bring them back. I pretty much said nothing, the owner provided no paperwork of any kind that explained my termination and spent most of the time overly explaining my final check. The only thing I signed was an incomplete "Termination checklist" and I believe I have the only copy.

    Fairly retarded situation. It wasn't exactly a good job to begin with, my only real concern is if he tells EDD or anyone else that I "stole" when I didn't steal anything. And that ends up preventing me from getting unemployment or another job.

    So, do I have any grounds for anything?

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    Don't think so.

    1, It's he said she said.
    2, You can be fired for any reason except items already protected by the government: Race, religion, retaliation and public policy.

    He could say I don't like the way you comb your hair and fire you for it.



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      True...but if he lies to EDD and tells them I stole, wouldn't that be...illegal? Or is the system just rigged so much that it doesn't matter?


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        When you apply for unemployment ins., just tell the truth such as you posted here. If you are denied benefits, you can appeal.
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          Looks like your "friend" gave you the shaft but terminating your employment wasn't illegal.

          When you apply for UC benefits and for future employment, just explain the circumstances of your termination as you have here.


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