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wrongful lz Texas

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  • wrongful lz Texas

    Ok I have called 6 different attorneys and none want to help. I was fired todaydue to I refused to walk my employer to my car and provide proof that my phone was in there. I know I am an "at will employee." But listen to the story....Yesterday boss lady told all the employees "Starting right now everyone will put thier phones in this box in my office and leave them in here till you clock-out, if not you will be fired." This morning I left my phone in my car, because I do not trust her to keep my phone safe or stop anyone else from using it. So she comes walking around the office asking everyone if they're phones were in the box, I replied "Mine is in my car." She told me to get my keys and lets goto my car and prove that. I told her she can not ask me to do that, that my phone and my car are personal belongings (both were outside), if I left my phone at home she would not have asked me to drive her to my home for proof (right?). Her reply was "I can do anything I want." I refuse to provide her with proof and was fired. Is this Harrassment? Can I do anything about this?

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    Nothing she did or said was illegal. If it was new company policy to give up your phones at the beginning of your shift, you need to follow it. She didn't even have to ask you to show her your phone in your car--she could have fired you for simply not putting your phone in the box.

    I think it's a trivial reason to fire someone, but many have been fired for much less.

    ETA: And it's a good sign you don't have a case when you've talked to six attorneys and none of them think you have a case.


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      abuse of power

      It wasn't a new company policy. It was her new policy. She is not the owner of the company just a simple office manager. But that's not right to ask to search my car or to ask me to prove to her that it is in my car. Why should I give up my phone to her? How can I trust my phone will not be stolen or used when in her care?I understand from a legal point there's nothing I can really do, but at a moral point she should not have been allowed to treat good employees this way. It's a stupid cell phone, I have never been in trouble for using it or even warned for behavior. This was just her way of abuseing her power. And there's nothing I can do about that?


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        Sorry but you can still be fired for not following instructions. You can be fired/terminated in at-will employment at any time for any reason except a reason prohibited by law (ie age, religion, gender) or unless you have a binding employment contract or CBA to the contrary.
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