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Wrongful temination, possible fraud? Pennsylvania

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  • Wrongful temination, possible fraud? Pennsylvania

    Hi, I'm writing in regards to my father who is anything but a litigious man. He works as a truck driver for a small (I believe under 15 employees total) beverage distributor and part of his job involves loading and unloading the truck. While unloading a truck, he unfortunately herniated at least one disk in his back and eventually filed for, and was awarded, WC.

    He continued to attend all doctor's appointments, therapy, etc. until he was cleared by the doctor to return to light duty, possibly driving the truck but no loading/unloading. He notified his employer who responded with the "modified duty" which entailed working the distributor's store/lotto machine at random hours. I bring up the hourly schedule because the normal 5-day 9am-5pm driving/delivery schedule was replaced with a 7-day schedule with random hours ranging from 9am-11am to 8pm-11pm and such. My father said he would consider the schedule. He was then contacted by his employer who stated that schedule was "a mistake" and that they would not contest his WC until he was ready to return to his normal position.

    A week or so went by and my father received a letter from WC stating that his WC was discontinued as requested by the employer. Upon contacting his employer, my father was informed that he was simply "replaced" with no further explanation. Which is odd considering his work record is spotless and this is incident was his only injury while working for the company.

    In addition, my father was the only licensed, insured, and registered driver for the company's truck yet while he was out they opted to replace him with an unlicensed (license actually revoked) driver to drive under his credentials.

    I really just wondering if we should consult an attorney about this entire situation? Any sort of recourse? Thanks in advance for your time and insight!
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