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Let Go In Ohio :( Ohio

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  • Let Go In Ohio :( Ohio

    Ok...about 5 Years Ago I Had A Workman's Comp Case With My Recent Ex Employer Due To Dislocating My Shoulder At Work. My Employer Attempted To Fire Me At The Time Of My Worker's Comp Case Telling Me That I Was Going To Be Out Longer Than The 8 Weeks Allowed Under Short Term Disability Per Our Policy. I Fought That Battle And Won And Was Given My Job Back On The Unit I Worked Before I Was Injured. (i Worked The Locked Alzheimers Unit As A Nurse) I Battled For 6 Months To Get My Job Back And Made None Of The Administrative People None To Happy.

    Back In January Of This Year, I Reinjured That Same Arm At Work And Had To Fill Out Another Claim. This Time I Was Permitted To Work Under Light Duty Restriction Until Healed. Since That Time, I Have Been Told That The Director Of Nursing As Well As The Assistant Director Of Nursing Keep Sayin Negative Things In Regard To Me.

    On December 17, 2008 I Attempted To Call Off Due To Family Emergency And Not Feeling Well But Was Told I Couldnt So I Went To Work. At 11pm When The Supervisor Arrived, I Asked For Permission To Go Home And The Supervisor Stated "you Can But You Were Supposed To Go To 300/400 Hall And Work Because Evelyn Is On Light Duty Back In Your Unit From 11p-7a. I Again Asked If I Could Go Home And Permission Was Granted. I Waited For The Nurse To Come Back And Relieve Me, Counted Narcotics With Her Then Clocked Out At Approx 11:45pm.

    The Next Day The Assistant Director Of Nursing Called Me And Stated "you Walked Off Your Job And Refused An Assignment. Thats Considered Self Termination And You Are Not Rehireable Effective Immediately. Im Not Discussing This With You Any Further" And Hung Up On Me. I Met With The Administrator And The Director Of Nursing (who Are Mother And Son-in-law Which Vilolates Company Policy) And Explained To Them That I Did Not Walk Out Or Refuse An Assignment But I Asked For Permission To Leave And It Was Granted. ( Several People Heard Me Ask To Leave) I Was Told That The Rn Supervisor Said She Did Not Give Me Permission To Leave Which Is Untrue. Per Our Company Policy Ive Requested The Disciplinary Action That Wouldve Accompanied An Accusation Of That Magnitude And Was Denied Access To It. These Are The Same People/administrative Staff I Had To Battle With When I Was On Worker's Compensation. I Have Been Told By Many Employees To "watch Your Back" Ever Since I Filed The Original Claim. I Almost Feel This Unjust Firing Was A Result Of My Unemployment Claim. Would Be Kind Of Hard To Prove Though But I Truly Believe It Was. If It Were, Would That Be A Wrongful Termination?

    Thank You So Much,


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    Kiki, your post is VERY hard to read with every word capitalized. Can you edit it?
    I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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      My apology...I didnt realize its hard for you to read in captial letters. I'm not going to take the time to edit all that..its unnecessary. I was just online doing some research when I came across this website. After reading some threads, it appears that this may not be where I need to ask about my case specifically. Thanks for your reply though.



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