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  • potential term Montana

    I didn't know where else to put this post but I was recently contacted by my manager and another employee had contacted him threatening to go to the HR department over something I said.

    Honestly I don't remember the jist of the conversation but I was talking to another employee about someone and I suggested that this person was a "c" word (my exact words), and then I went on to say that meant "cherry-picker" being the goofball that I am. This other employee that overheard it does not like me at all and is threatening to go to HR with it. This employee regularly uses the "F" word and calls other employees names ALL the time.

    In the case with my conversation with the employee that I'm friends with, I was not referring to anyone at work although I now wonder if the "other" employee thinks I was referring to her.

    Is there anything I can do besides zip'n my mouth shut? Is there anything I can do to defend myself? Should I be proactive and go to HR first because she consistently talks down to and behind the backs of employees that I manage?

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    I think I would hold off on doing anything at this time. You said the employee was threatening to go to HR, not that they actually did. They may not. Just be careful what you say at work from now on.

    You can check back and see if you get any other opinions.
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      I totally agree with Betty's view. Until HR is alerted (if ever) theres nothing you can or shoud do. Other than watch what you say


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        Just one question: Can I get in trouble for saying "c-word"? (those were my exact words)


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          Originally posted by Wapiti13 View Post
          Just one question: Can I get in trouble for saying "c-word"? (those were my exact words)

          No law that prohibits them from writing you up.
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            Whether you WILL get in trouble or not is open to question. But yes, you CAN get in trouble for the euphamism you used. The fact that you watered it down does not mean the employer is prohibited from disciplining you if they find the - let's call it imagery - inappropriate.
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