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wrongful termination or what? North Carolina

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  • wrongful termination or what? North Carolina

    I know this State is “at-will” but:

    I was injured at work late last summer & had some minor problems starting Workers’ Comp. However, the 1st of this year I was on a different shift with a “lite-duty” job while still taking prescribed medication from the Dr. Well, between my lite-duty and a remnant of my normal job (advisor), I got a throat infection. Directly related to the toxic fumes in my lite-duty area and my normal area. The employer did not provide any OSHA approved respiration devices for this or any other area in the production areas. And, an employee (on the edge of termination) did not execute adequate ventilation in my normal job area.

    Anyway, I took cough medication for my infection which intensified my pain medication, that made my very sleepy and you guessed it. I was terminated for (allegedly) sleeping on the job. Which, for other reasons, I really could not sleep and did not intend to do so.

    But wait, I had allegedly threatened to cause harm to 2 employees during this supposedly incident. 1 (as there are many) is a likely undocumented worker and can’t speak English; the other 1 is already “on the edge of termination”. My threat was a normal everyday threat that is plant wide, 24 hours a day. Eg, “I’m going to kick your a_ _, etc, etc”. And, was not towards the Hispanic.

    More importantly, the main Witch Hunters (a long story), my now ex-supervisor and his boss separately and recently caught my lite-duty co-worker (of a different race) sleeping on the job & neither did nothing to him, nothing…do I have a un “at-will” case?

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