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wrongful termination? Florida

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  • wrongful termination? Florida

    I will try to keep this simple. I started with a new job. 6 weeks into the job I was requested to do a job that was quite physical and injured or I should say reinjured discs in my neck. I did not have health insurance yet, and I did injure myself on the job so I went to the doctor and filed workers comp. I also reported to appropriate people. The person in charge of safety called me. Very aggitated, with me and implicaticating that I did this on purpose. That I purposely did not tell my boss of a previous injury.I explained to him that no one was keeping anything from anyone. I was simple trying to do my job. He called back three days latter with same conversations, very intimidating tone. My boss showed up the next day. He ask how I was doing, I said it was nice that some actually asked about me instead of the nasty call from safety. Ok, my 90 day probation was just about to come up. I get a call from the VP of stores. He said my employment was no longer needed. I asked him why, he said 90 day probation. He said it was in the best interest of everyone. I was shocked. I was doing my job. No issues, just so you know that. It is clear tome, that be3cause I filed workers comp, I am therefore no longer needed. Now I am left without a job with a physical problem that is still being addressed. I know Florida is "at will" and there is a 90 day probation period, but to me this is clearly a case of wrongful termination because of injury. Is there a case, what should I do if anything?

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    This could be tricky. You had a prexisting injury you failed to tell anyone about and you were on probation. You might consult with an Attorney on this one.


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      I agree - tricky & would consult attorney . Injured on the job, during probation period, but was a reinjury of a previous pre-existing injury.
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