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Unsure of what to do

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  • Unsure of what to do

    In Sept I fell out of a trailer and hurt my right knee,hip and back. I was sent to a dr in TX and had knee surgery in Oct but they kinda ignored the hip and back so now I cannot walk without a crutch or cane. I quit using the cane as I would fall down with it.

    The company made me come to MO to their Dr which was about a waste of time and he said I should get another job. They did do an MRI on the hip but it was normal,the Dr in TX said a MRI on this injury will not be accurate. The MO quack even said I didn't need the knee surgery which I thought was odd since the knee cap was off to the outside of my leg.

    I did learn that they could not force me from my home in TX and requested to go back to TX. I do have a lawyer and he was told by the company (which is self insured) that the Dr in TX would not treat my hip or back which is a lie as the Dr told me he would and documented that the company denied treatment. They have the right to choose a Dr in TX but I do think they are looking for a Dr that will say what they want said,I was to have an appt with a Dr they found 97 miles from my home but he cancelled saying he was not qualified for my injuries so here I sit in limbo. I am working but can only drive as when I walk I do fall down and the falling is messing up the recovery of my knee and one fall last week hurt my hand and left knee and has messed up my shoulder big time. I am wanting to go ahead and have the first Dr do an eval on my hip out of my pocket because at the rate this is going I am so afraid of getting hurt and tearing up the rt knee which maybe to late as it is in a great deal of pain.

    I can't do much else due to a past injury and with this job I drive a truck with my husband, with out his help I am sunk in the work force.

    Can I pay the Dr that they approved to do the knee sugery to check out my hip ? The company did make sure our health ins (which they are self insured on that as well) knows that all this is work related so they will not cover it at all.

    I am not sure what to do and really would like to be able to use my leg again. The accident was in MI the company is in MO and I am a TX resident.

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    You have an lawyer. It would be inappropriate for anyone here to second guess their professional judgement. That person has all the facts, while we only have a few details.
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