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Workers Comp/ Discrimination Fl

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  • Workers Comp/ Discrimination Fl

    I Was Injured On The Job In May Of 2005 When I Slipped In A Puddle Of Water In The Breakroom.I Have Been Seeing Doctors Since Then I Have An Annular Tear And A Protruding Disc Since The Accident I Have Been Treated Badly At Work.I Have Been Employed For 5 Years At This Company And Have Never Had Any Problems .Now that They Know I Have Hired An Attorney To Protect My Rights Things Are Getting Nasty! I Was Placed With A Different Manager, She And Her Assistant Are Always Taking Things Out On Me They Treat Me Differently Than The Other Employees,evry Oppurtunity They Get They Write Me Up[in The Past The Only Thing I Ever Got Wrote Up For Was My Shoes A Dress Code Violation] Other Employees Have Witnessed The Way I Am Treated And One Of The Woman I Work With That Is Of The Same Racial Origin As Them Told Me They Are Giulty Of Reverse Discrimination On Me. She advised me to make a phone call to th EEOC,Today Was My Last Day I Can Take No More I Come Home From Work Every Other Day Stressed And Crying ,I Can Not Perform On My Job In This Kind Of Atmospere,today They Were Monitoring Every Single Stroke Of My Computer And When I Did Make A Mistake All Hell Broke Loose I called The EEOC Today And Filed A Complaint I Cant Go Back There ! The EEOC Is Sending A Complaint Form And Told Me I May Want To Hire An Attorney ,what Is Your Advice? Broken In Lakeland Fl
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    My advise is to not capitolize every word as it makes your post hard to read.

    Seriously, you've already filed with the EEOC and plan to see a lawyer. I'd go with whatever advise that person gives you. Obviously if they were treating you poorly because of your race or for having filed a WC claim, that would be illegal. Whether the facts bear that out is another story and something your attorney will review.
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