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harassed and injured in nc

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  • harassed and injured in nc

    i moved to the area in nov 05. i was hired as a supervisor at a resturant, ever since i began working there i have endured forms of harrassment from two supervisors currently higher in rank than myself..both are mother and daugther and both are black(i am white), they have made very racial comments to me and about me and other white employees..i have reported it to our general manager without any resoultion..they are also stealing from the company and i also reported it... i am honestly terrified to work the same shift with is a known drug dealer and sales illeagal drugs at work..
    some of our empolyees are also terrified to work them...
    one of the magagers
    refussed to come to work because of the fact she had left the store unlocked and rather dirty, food left out...which effects thier bonus on food cost.. i recive no bonus...although i had no choice than to report this to our general manager( whom is also terrified of them) reporting this, one retailated by not coming in for shift causing myself to have to work from 4:18am to 9pm, by being forced to have to stay with the store i tripped over a water hose that was left out.causing injury, disloctation of my kneecap and possible i am out of work for an undetermed amount of time..
    several of the employees have contacted me about whats going on in the store...most are looking for other jobs and in the meantime they are terrified that these two will continue to treat them unfairly and the cashiers are worried about the recent money shortages from the white empolyees cash drawers...some empolyeess are in fear for my safety..due to comments that were made...some of these comments inculde the statement "that they would make sure that my 17 year old daughter

    would have a major cash shotage and since her mother (myself ) isnt there, they are going to make her do all the work and short her cash drawer." daughter is so terrified by this she doesnt want to go back...
    this treatment is so unfair..
    our general manager began in store mediation about a month
    seems that this is beyond the point of any more mediation...
    so should i report this to th eeoc and also should i hire a workers comp. attorney...i love my job and i like the empolyees and i enjoy the customers..
    all i want is to
    work in a hostile free work place...
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    If this is the kind of job you love, I'd hate to see the kind of environment you'd hate. Seriously, if it is that bad, why are you and your daughter stil there? No job is worth it.

    You can report it to the EEOC if you choose. I'm not sure why someone hasn't called the police if they are dealing drugs out of the restaurant. If you fear for your safety, you can apply for a restraining order. Is there someone above the GM this can be reported to? If this is a chain there should be a Human Resources Department. The GM should be acting on this and it is possible more is going on behind the scenes than you know. You've only been there 4 months and it sounds like you have been out for some portion of that with the injury. While being miserable to work with and even stealing aren't cause for legal action on your part, the racist remarks are. The law doesn't obligate the GM to force them to be good managers, clean up, put food away, be fair, or even treat you decently, but the law does prohibit them treating you poorly because of your race. Not that stealing and drug dealing should be tolerated, but no law requires them to act.

    As for the injury, was this hose at work? If so it should be covered under WC. You should receive TTD (pay) from the WC carrier while you are out. Your medical bills should also be covered. While it is your right to seek a lawyer, it is entirely up to you and at this point, if everything is being covered without incident, then you may want to hold off.
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      harrassed and injured in nc what to do next

      i have worked for this company for almost six months and this is a small town and being a single parent, i have to work and i cant afford to quit..this injury happened on are hard to come by here, so i have to hang in there for now....also let me explian a little more about whats going on..
      these two manager have also stolen money,lied, and flat out said they were being discriminated agaist becuase they are black... go figure...they are doing to others and just what they cliam is being done to them..
      they seem to feed on the drama they create..
      as for the general manager, i have no clue why he has put up with this for so long,maybe out of fear of having no help in the still doesnt excuse the fact that that he didnt act on this..he try to hold some mediation with his management team and that didnt work...
      this cant continue....what should i do?


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        We cannot tell you what to do. Elle has given you some suggestions. That's all anyone here can do.
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          It appears the GM is trying to resolve it. When both sides cry discrimination it does get dicey and is much harder to resolve. The stealing and lying are not really your concern. The only part that really involves you directly is any adverse treatment you received because of your race. If they are just miserable managers and you just happen to be of differing races or they treat everyone poorly that isn't the same. The treatment would need to be motivated by racial animous to be legally actionable. It may very well be a bad environment and you may very well be better off empoyed elsewhere but not every bad environment gives cause to a law suit.

          As you are not currently working there, I wouldn't worry too much about what may be or what your GM is or is not doing for now and would focus on your injury and getting better. And polishing the old resume while you are at it. Most of us have to work but there is nothing that says it has to be at that particular place. It can't possibly be the only employer in driving distance.
          I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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            thank-you for your advice and your right they arent the only empolyer in town... the gm from the resturant called today tell me one of the managers has quit...this makes me very happy to know that now our empolyees and myself can work in not such a drama filled enviroment.....


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