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TX.. Need info on workmans comp

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  • TX.. Need info on workmans comp

    I need information on how Texas workmans compensation works. Payed compensation, MMI, impairment rating, what happens when your doctor says you cannot do the job you were doing, moving out of state while getting workmans comp, are there any differences between private company insurance and TX workmans comp, long term disability, TX rehabilitation retraining, and can you get a settlement?
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    MMI- once you have reached MMI, no more treatment is needed other than maintenance. If your husband is still to have another surgery, he isn't there yet.

    Impairment Rating- this is what you get when you get to the settlement phase typically. IT may be used to determine if job retraining is appropriate as well. Someone with a low rating isn't a candidate. There is no magically number and it depends greatly on the injury and the part of the body and the job.

    Moving out of state should not affect your benefits other than if you would other wise have been able to return to work, but now can not because of the move, you would not qualify.

    Generally speaking if the injury is work related, it would not be covered under regular private insurance. In other words you could not just use your own insurance for the medicals. Most disability plans will also exclude WC injuries, or at the very least , you would not be able to collect both TTD and disabilty payments at the same time.

    You can get rehabilitation training if it is determined that you can not return to your old job because of the injury, and there are no other jobs with the same employer that are suitable. You should receive TTD while in training.

    Settlement is the final phase and typically doesn't occur until after rehab/retraining. There are different types of settlements and you really should consult with a lawyer before settling. Settlements are legally binding contracts so you will want someone to at least look it over for you and guide you through any negotiations.
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