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katrina I-contractor deductions

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  • katrina I-contractor deductions

    I am an independent contractor working in New orleans.
    2 months ago my employer said he had to start deducting 20% from each of my paychecks for workers comp.

    If I could provide my own insurance papers I would not have the 20% deducted.

    I thought being an independent contractor made it to where this was my responsiblity?
    Any help?

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    Generally speaking, it is. Do you have work comp? What does the contract you signed with the company say about this?
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      katrina response.

      Thanks for the quick response.
      I do not have workers comp. insurance.

      I can almost understand deducting a percentage for workers comp. But 20% seems a little high.

      I have spoken with an A/c contractor and they are only charging him 6%.
      Am I just getting an elevated percentage for the fun of it?


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        katrina 2.

        There was no contract signed or even discussed.


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          We would have no idea. An independent contractor without a contract? What's wrong with this picture?
          I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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            Something is definitely fishy on both ends. While a written contract isn't a necessity to be an IC, I don't know why anyone would perform work as one without something in writing. If it isn't in writing, how do you prove it exists or what the terms are?

            The hiring organization can require that you have WC or other liability type insurance and provide them proof of such as a condition of hire. That isn't at all unusual. I have no idea why they would charge you for this as IC's would not be eligible under the employer's policy even if they were to file a claim.

            I would be asking some questions here. Lots of them.
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