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Boss Trying to pay me not to hire an attorney

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  • Boss Trying to pay me not to hire an attorney

    From Southern Oregon.....
    This is a long one, but I NEED HELP BADLY ! ! I injured my knee on the job in Sept of 2005, I just had surgery on that knee the last week of March 2006.... in December of 2005, the week of Christmas my doctor put me on Light Duty with restrictions, my supervisor went against the doctors orders and had me doing work I was NOT supposed to do, I contacted my doctor and he pulled me off until I had the surgery, My claim with WC was accepted right off the bat, there was no doubt that it was an on the job injury, I am still recovering from the surgery and last monday I went into work with a light duty slip from my surgeon, I handed it to my superintendant, he said he had nothing for me and that I was terminated, his reason was, my body cant handle the job, because I filed this on WC, it gets worst..... I went home upset... that afternoon he called me and asked if I would meet with him the next morning, I went there and he said something that I cant believe, he said that if I dont hire an attorney, he would cut me a check for $5,000 and I would have to sign a release form, if I hire an attorney, he will claim that I was fired for Misconduct, I have excellent evals from work, and been there for 6 years, I am still not finished with doctors appts and recovery from my surgery on my Knee, I am not released from the doctor yet and my claim is still on going, yet he fired me for the work injury, they have done this before and gotten away with it
    Do I have a solid case here, or not, I hate all of this, and dont like the idea of having to take leagal action, but this IS NOT RIGHT,
    any help here would be appreciated, thanks

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