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Want To Keep My Job: CA

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  • Want To Keep My Job: CA

    This has been a long time coming and I am not sure where I can go for advice.
    I have been in a managerial role at my company for over 15 years. Eleven years ago I was assigned to managed an employee who turns out had been passed around for a few years because others were afraid of him and didn't want to suffer his wrath so to speak. He was not a little guy.
    When I took on as his supervisor I was told to keep him in line and get him straight. He was a warehouseman and parts clerk. It turned out he was also a speed addict doing "Eightballs" (I think it is cocaine and herion mixed and injected). This cause him to have severe open sores on his limbs which he kept covered wearing black clothes (head to foot).
    He had been written up previously for bring weapons to work (knives and guns). He didn't understand why this was wrong. HR told me to just reason with him and work it out. Everyone was afraid of him. On one occasion he pulled a knife on me behind my back in my office, telling me I needed to turn around to look at it and see the blood on the blade. He was proud of it, saying it was a WWII german dagger and he was going to sell it that night.

    I had him on probation for violating his attendence requirements on many occassions. The day after he was off probation he left for vacation, then proceeded to call in sick the day after he was suppose to return. The next day he came to work and told a co-employee that if this incident got him fired, he was going to "blow my brains out". I went to Human Resources and my manager telling them this, and was told that he was going to be informed he needed to go to our doctors or he would be fired.

    My HR director called me the next day and told me she had called him at home in his trailer. He agreed to go to our doctors at the university, but under one condition. I was to pick him up and take him. She agreed with him and told me to go get him. I refused at first. She said she would send a security guard (unarmed) with me to ride along. It was the guards first day on the job. I had to go.

    I picked him up on the east side of town. He wouldn't come out of his trailer until I went into get him. On the drive to the university he started to ask me why he had to go and get checked out. I told him we were concerned about the sores on his arms and wanted to get him well. He started to cry. Told me I was his only friend and he trusted me.

    At the hospital they did not know we were coming. When I had to check him in, the receptionist referred to the physician I was told to take him to, and out loud stated "Going to the psycho ward". He turned to me and went deadpan. He sat in a corner for the hour we waited and just stared at me.

    Once we checked in, the doctor took me outside the room to confirm why we were there. While we were out, he went nuts in his room and had to be restrained. When we went back in, he was crying saying he thought I had left him. The doctor then said "Based on my observations I am putting you under 72 hour watch for threatening to kill someone". He stopped right there, went straight face and said right to me "I didn't say that to Sam. I said I felt like my guts were blowing out", refering to the statement about blowing my brains out.

    He was in the ward for more than 6 weeks. He had free access to an outside phone line. He called me and left me messages the whole time he was locked up. Everything from how he had "been IQ'ed at 200+ as a genius by the docs" to "why was I treating him like this"; other times it was "this is the best thing you could have done for me", to "How about that O.J. (OJ Simpson), he sure knew how to take care of his problems".

    He was released to out-patient care for 2 more months. I went and bought and register for a gun, took a shooting course, and changed the locks on my house. I kept the gun locked up in the closet. We did not have kids at the time so I had no fear having it in the house.

    The decision was to have him fired from the company. I was to do it. The deal was the company picked up the cost of sending him back east to live with his mother and give him a severance check. My HR director thought it would be nice if I fired him on my birthday. Great. I did. He was suppose leave the next week. I got a call from HR the day he was suppose go. They said they had good news and they had bad news. Good news was that he took the deal and was suppose to fly out that morning. The bad news was he missed the plane and no one knows where he is.

    That went on for a week more. He showed up at the warehouse on his motorcyle at lunchtime the next week. He climbed off and told me he had a surprise for me. He reached into his sidebag. At the same time he looked up at me, got a smile on his face seeing the fear in mine I'm sure, and said "I bet you think I have a gun in here". It was a gold pen set he had talked HR out of as well. He then got back on his bike, said he would be seeing me and pulled away.

    I also started to have unbelievable nightmares around this same time. I would throw my wife out of the bed screaming that "he's in the room" while I was asleep. One night while I was home alone on the weekend I woke up in the morning with the gun under my pillow, fully loaded and a round chambered in the barrel. I didn't remember even getting up in the night. I just remeber the horrible dreams.

    I ended up going to my own physician and was sent to a specialist. I was diagnosed with "Night Terrors". It's a form of narcolepsy. I was put on medication and have been on one form of an Rx or another ever since then. That November eleven years ago, I told my HR director about the diagnosis. I asked what I should do. She told me "Don't worry. We have great medical coverage". She said since I didn't miss work it really wasn't anything related to a workers comp incident so no need to say anything. I was also instructed that I could not tell anyone what had happened.

    Right around that same time a receivied a letter in the mail at work. It was half a piece of paper with a message glued on it saying "It's not over". That's all. We gave it to the police. Six year later I receivied another letter in the mail. The police matched it up to the original first half of the paper. The second line to the message- "Bang your dead".

    Im still on the med's. I will be for life. The cost for my med's would run me around $800/month if I didn't have insurance. My company is not what it used to be and I don't have the security knowing I have my job for the next 15 years. What do I do?

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    11 years is way way way past the statute of limitations to file WC, if it even would be. Your ongoing problems aren't related to work. Every six years or so you get a note, which isn't related to work but is understandably upsetting. 11 years ago it may have qualified. But that ship sailed a decade ago.

    I think you need to talk to the police. Geta restraining order. Death threats should not be taken lightly.

    I'm not sure what security in having a job has to do with this. I'm shocked you would stay with a company that acted like that though. Lots of jobs offer insurance. 11 years later it might not be worth switching but it's something to think about.
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