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Hurt In SC

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  • Hurt In SC

    My wife slipped and fell in wet grass/ median area of her work parking lot going to work one morning, she tore her maiscuous >SP< in her knee and had surgery, her employer refused her workers comp saying there were no witnesses and it could have been done somewhere else.

    She happens to work at a surgery center where she had the surgery done and we just found out they are not on our insurance network and was covered at 60/40 after deductible, now we owe over $1200 and they want it NOW or they will send us to collections and she will be terminated.

    Any suggestions, jobs are not plentiful in this area and we do not have any way possible to get $1200 all at once.

    Thank You

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    I would suggest that your wife contact the agency that oversees workers comp in your state as the employer may be wrong. Courts have held that employer parking lots fall within the zone of employment in the past.
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      I think the problem is that the event was unwitnessed and there seems to be some question as to whether the injury truly is the resultof a work incident.

      Still, you can file the claim with the WC Commission for your state.

      Otherwise, it is perfectly legal for the insurance to cover what they did and for the facility to expect prompt payment. Same with disallowing employees to be in debt to the employer.
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        The problem is she goes into work at 530 am to open the facility, alone, no one else reports to work before 6 am, omg if it was something more serious...
        I think we will possibly go with the wc direct, let them term her and collect wc, disability and unemployment


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          Um, she can't get UI benefits unless she is able to work and is actively seeking work. Now, if she is fired SOLELY because she filed a WC claim, that is a violation of public policy and a wrongful termination action could possibly be in order.
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