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North Carolina Compensation

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  • North Carolina Compensation

    I live in North Carolina andI am 21 years old,when I was 19 I had back surgery to remove two rupured disks then one year later while at work I ruptured three more.Worker's Compensation took on my case they refered me to the doctor that did my first surgery, well after physical therapy,shots medication, stimulators everything nothing helped.My doctor said that only thing left to do was a Level 3 Fusion and he would not do till I was 25, He refered me to pain management. I changed pain management docors now because nothing he has done has helped. Also I recieved some checks at the job where I got hurt at but none since,recently my back as started hurting up my spine I had to go to the emergency room twice and now I want to go back to my doctor to see what else I can do. Well in the mean time I was out of work waiting to go back to doctor and two days before I was supposed to go the insurance place called and said that it is now a worker's comp case with the employer I am with now. Why my back is hurting worse it is because of my diease the pain will travel up my back. Also I lost my job because I could not afford to see my doctor to get a note to go back to work. I know in the future I will need surgery my question is should I try to settle which settlement should I choose Stipulated Finding and Award or Compromise and Release? I was very discretly told by case manager to get a lawyer I have set appointments to do so. Any infomation to help me I would appreicate it Thank you!

    Angel in the NC

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    You need to follow that case workers advice and obtain a workers comp attorney. It is darn near impossible to advise you on any course of action, because this is too complicated for a forum board. After you hire an attorney, let them advise you.
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      Ditto. I deal with this stuff everyday from the other side of the desk and can't tell you what is in your best interest or what to expect given your history and the superimposed WC claim.

      You really do need to contact a lawyer to help you sort through this and negotiate on your behalf whether you go with a settlement or a stipulation.
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