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should i take the offer

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  • should i take the offer

    i got injured on the job on feb 28,2005 herniated disk L5-S1 and had to have back surgery and still have trouble with my back i work construction and can hardly get out of bed at times but force myself to anyway because i have 2 boys age 6 and 4 and i will do anything for them that i can but i have problems teaching them how to play baseball football or any other sport they might want to play (into T-ball right now) and i cant move as good as i used to could i have a lift capasity of 35 lbs. with light / medium work restrictions that doesnt even exist in construction that i have been doing for 10 years with a fair income of $27500 per yr. and i have a 10th grade education with a ged. the vocational disability rating is i have is approximate 66.4% with a 37% occupational Loss they have made me a offer of $27000 and i will walk away with approx. $22000 after Lawyer takes his share so my question is is this a fair and just offer or am i being took to the cleaners with my lawyer leading the way? I am in Birmingham Alabama
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    Seriously there is no way anyone here can tell you based on the medicals and your earning capacity in the area where you live if this is fair or in your best interest. You are paying a lawyer to help make those decisions with you, I suggest you take advantage of that. If you don't trust your lawyer, you are welcome to get a second opinion, but it should be from someone who has all the facts in front of them and is familiar with the laws and labor market in your area.

    I will say that a settlement equal to one year's salary is fairly generous, but that doesn't mean it is necessarily your best option. A lot depends on what treatment you need yet and what your work prospects look like. Those are things best assessed by your lawyer who has the full medicals.
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