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Hostile work environment question

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  • Hostile work environment question

    I was attacked at work about 3 weeks ago and ended up in the emergency room. My boss hit me in the head with a loose garbage disposal and then held me down and beat me for about 20 minutes. He claims I started the fight and attacked him. I did not, but have no witnesses. I have been out on WC since and just got a limited release from my doctor to go back to work, but the company has cut off all contact with me. I am still waiting for the police report to see what it says, and the WC claim has been delayed pending investigation. The company told the WC adjuster that they have no work meeting my modified restrictions and that means no work for three more weeks. I pretty much know that they won't bring me back after that. I am having a hard time getting a lawyer to take up my case since there is no permanent disability. I am without income for at least 2 more weeks as California EDD has told me it will take that long to process an SDI claim and the WC carrier is in no hurry to accept my claim. What do I do? I cannot get another job in the meantime, I still have medical issues that I am being treated for and physical therapy and psych therapy to go to.

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    What you describe took place is awful but under the law, it does not constitute a hostile work environment.

    You really need to speak with a worker's compensation attorney - keep making phone calls and try to schedule a meeting with one. You might also want to speak with a personal injury attorney. While the employer's liability may well be limited to whatever you're entitled to under your State's worker's compensation statutes, it's possible that you can pursue criminal and civil action directly against the supervisor who assaulted you.

    Good luck.


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