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    About 2 1/2 years ago, I was working in a preschool. A case of canned vegetables fell hyperextending my thumb. I called my boss and they sent me to the wc doctor. the wc doctor said she thought it was a sprain and set me up for PT. I informed the HR dept of this and informed that I would need to go in for the PT. At the time of my injury I was the manager of the center and I had an Asst. Each time that I was scheduled to have PT my Asst would either not show up for work or she would refuse to run the center while I attended the PT. I notified the HR dept of the situation and they had no idea what to do but said that since I had only made it to a couple of the PT appointments my case would be closed. Which is what happened. Since the time of injury, I have had constant pain in the joint and the bone looks to be dislocated. During this time I have been in and out of splints to try and keep the joint in place with no luck. I have had numerous ER dr's try to put it back in place with no luck. I no longer work for this company and have since found a hand surgeon to take a look at my hand, they found that I actually tore the tendons in half and that there is nothing holding the bone in place, which is why it looks as if it is dislocated. The hand surgeon feels that I need to have my original wc case reopened since he feels this was from the original injury. I have also be scheduled for surgery to have new tendons made by taking from my wrist and putting in my thumb. My question is....can my wc case be reopened and if it can where do I begin???


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    Yes it can be reopened. Contact the WC carrier and let them know. The onus is going to be on you and the doctors to show that 2.5 years later such a severe injury was related to the incident at work.
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