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Workers Comp is it required

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  • Workers Comp is it required

    I live in NJ. If you currently have a full time job can they require you to have workers compensation if you have any other part time jobs. Also is there a certain ammount of hours you must work in a part time job to need workers comp. I am just confused as to why my employer feels they need to require it does it benefit them in any way. No matter what i would have to burn off all available time off in my full time job. I appreciate any help that someone could give me.

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    I am completely confused. Are you an employee or an independent contractor? Why is your employer requiring that YOU carry workers comp insurance? Or am I misreading your post?
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      I am a full time firefighter. I work part time with my brother doing HVAC work. They are requiring that i have workers comp insurance through my outside employer. I only work maybe 24 hours or so a week. What i am trying to find out if they can legally deny me to work outside because i don't have workers comp through that outside employer.


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        You need to answer cbg's question, are you an employee working with your brother or are you an independent contractor---it makes a hugh difference to the answer you will get.
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          You have WC as a firefighter correct? Your employer, presumably the fire company, is requiring that you be covered under a WC policy when working a side job with your brother? If you are not covered under a WC policy there, they will not permit you to work as a firefighter for them? Do I have that correct?

          Forgive me if I have it confused but I have never heard of an employer inquiring into the WC compliance of a company an employee may be moonlighting with. It is very common to limit when an employee may have employment elsewhere or at least require that employees disclose other jobs they may have, but I haven't heard of it being based on whether the secondary employer has WC insurance. There are no laws to my knowledge that would prohibit this. Your brother's company should be carrying WC as a matter of law and business practice. Are you an actual employee of that business or an independent contractor? If an employee, you would be covered under their WC policy and providing proof of coverage should be fairly easy. If you are an independent contractor who sometimes works for your brother to help him out, you would not be covered.
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            i am just a independent contractor. To those that have replied I appreciate the quick response to my question.


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              Which means that you should have your own worker's comp insurance to cover any injury that occurs in conjunction with your IC work.
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