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Can I bypass comp and pay myself ?

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  • Can I bypass comp and pay myself ?

    Had a minor slip and fall at work two weeks ago . Have been to my chiropractor for an adjustment . Filled out an accident report and got a call from comp today , saying I needed to see their Doc for a work status report . I've already been back to work ,for two days , still stiff . Chiro has me out 'till Mon.Bosses are ok with chiro's out of work note and accident report . I have to get involved with comp at all , or can I just use my own insurance [or pay out of pocket as expenses were minimal ]?? I've seen several co workers go the comp route , only to be faced with long delays , inappropriate treatment ,and Doctors assigned by comp [I want to see my regular practitioners] . This is in Florida . Thanks for any advice .

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    You need to read your insurance policy. Most health insurance companies and doctor's offices will ask whether an injury is caused by an auto accident or an on-the-job accident because they can (and will) collect from the appropriate insurance company. Many times the policy contains language that requires the insured to provide this information.

    Have you considered asking your regular doctor whether he/she accepts workers comp?
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      If you want to be eligible for WC benefits down the road, you need to play by their rules now. If you are ok with maybe being stuck with the full cost of the medicals as your insurance may not cover it and are willing to take the risk that if this develops into something more serious down the road you are probably on your own, you can't be forced to see the WC doctor.
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        Workmen's comp options

        Thanks much for the speedy input . You've answered my questions . I'm pretty sure comp ins. won't pay my chiropractor , and I'm o k with that as he didn't take the usual battery of X rays , or set up a lengthy therapy regimen . Talked to comp man today , who said option is mine , and actually agreed that these cases can become quite protracted . Since I'm quite sure I'm only dealing with a minor sprain , I'm not concerned with future claims . Thanks again for your help .


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          I agree with ElleMD that this is not the wise decision. However, as my grandpa used to say "you pays your money, you takes your choice"
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