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Leave of absence- IL

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  • Leave of absence- IL

    I am seeking to take a leave of absence in the next few months. Here are some of the circumstances...

    1. I am having trouble breathing and remaining "together" because of the severe aggravation I am feeling.

    2. I have sought other employment, but have been unsuccessful (people offering too little, temp jobs when I'm full time, not getting a good vibe in the interview, red tape trying to get through the interview process/company playing weird games, etc..)

    3. I have not been diagnosed with anxiety or any condition. I'm not crazy, I just hate what I do and I'm feeling at the breaking point.

    I want to take a leave of absence for personal reasons. I know if it is approved that the company has no duty to hold my job. I need to know if I'm let go during the leave, am I eligible for unemployment?

    In addition to boyfriend suffered a spinal cord injury about 2 years ago. He can walk and performs a desk job, but deals with chronic pain, muscle tightness and spasms in his legs. What kind of opportunity would he have to take a medical leave to just rest? The pain is never going to go completely away, but are leaves allowed for this sort of thing? Thank you.

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    In order to collect unemployment, you have to be actively looking for another job and ready to take it when it's offered. Your previous employer would also have to report that you are no longer employed by the company and left on terms that would make you eligible for unemployment, which it won't do if you're on leave.

    Whether your boyfriend could take leave for his condition depends on the severity of the condition and whether he is eligible for leave under FMLA, which is for serious medical conditions. Does his employer have more than 50 employees within 75 miles of his jobsite? Has he worked there longer than a year? Has he worked more than 1,250 in the past year? Does his doctor feel the leave is medically necessary?
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      I was always a little unclear as to what makes a person eligible for unemployment, so thanks for clearing that up. One last question..

      Is a person who quits a job (who is able and looking for work after seperation) always eligible for unemployment? Or do you have to be laid off/fired to receive it?

      To answer your other questions, my boyfriends company has more than 50 employees in a 75 mile radius, has been there a year and has worked more than 1250 hours. He is going to see the doctor next week (his surgeon) and I want him to look into therapy for his legs and find out what opportunities might be available.

      Thanks again.


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        If you quit, unless there are very extenuating circumstances, UI benefits are not normally approved. You're better off finding another job first, THEN quitting.
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