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    I have been on worker's compensation since February 2004 for a torn rotator cuff. I've had two surgeries and have one more pending. My problem is that my right arm is beginning to deteriorate. I have spoken to my doctor and he refuses to address the issue. He continues to tell me 'let's work on the left arm first.' I'm worried that if it's not addressed early, it will get worse. I would like to know if anyone knows what my options are for getting help. Thank you

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    Disclaimer...i Am Not An Md! Talk To Your Doctor. These Are Just Suggestions.

    Your options are almost nothing with WC. WC won't pay for problems not directly related to the injury.

    Why don't you get your doctor's approval to get some 5-20 lb. weights, and do some repetitions with those? You can get these cheap at many retailers, and many local fitness clubs will gladly give you a free session with a personal trainer in an attempt to get you to join. You could get the weights cheap, and an exercise plan for free.

    Also, once you have your final surgery and are released, swimming is a very good exercise for just about everything (ask your doctor for his opinion, 'cause I'm not an MD). It provides a better cardio/endurance v. risk than ANY other form of exercise. Hydrotherapy is used for a variety of illnesses and injuries, and it is entirely possible that your doctor would prescribe a course of physical therapy that could address the rehab of the injured arm, and rebuild the deteriorating arm in the process.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help. The WC system is dreadfully broken in the US.
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      Have you approached your family doctor about the problem? If it isn't the arm you injured, the doctor treating your WC ailment is limited in what they can do for you. Your family doctor should be able to help you or refer you to someone who can.
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