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Help!!!!!Workmans Comp doesn't want to pay

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  • Help!!!!!Workmans Comp doesn't want to pay

    What do I do now. I know this is wrong. I was injured by a student at my job. My mouth was headbutted. My teeth are now in pain and they are slowly shifting and looking bad. My teeth have always been straight but not now. My dentist said that to strighten them out and to help with long term sinsitivity I need braces. So I filled the claim. Workmans comp came back and said they are not paying because it is too expensive. I know they can't do that. I even have they dentist back my up. What Should I Do? I need Help?


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    Workers Compensation Denial

    I don't know what state you in. Workers compensation is handled at the state level. If you look at the state workers compensation wedsite, it will describe the process needed to appeal a decision.
    Lillian Connell

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      Assistance for you

      I would be very happy to assist you please contact me via phone at 217/390-4299 or you can contact me via private e-mail thanks LM


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        i have been hurt on the job in nc and i was out of work for a couple days and was able to go back to work with restrictions and workers comp approved me for it now i am getting phone calls from doctors and other people to pay them back which i though workers comp had to pay them am i right and my other thing is after the doctor let me go back to work off restrictions i voulntary quit because the whole time i work on them i was being treated like crap all my managers made smart remarks about me saying i was faking it and that i should not be wasting there time even working i would get in trouble over nothing they would make up things just to make me mad ans quit before the doc relased me is there anything i can do so i can least get the collection people to stop calling i tried calling the store manager and left him a message to call me an it been three weeks and he aint called back i also tried callin the workers comp people trying to get ahold of some one and no one will return my phone calls and i been trying to get ahold of them for a month now please help i am getting really upset and need help


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          It is a criminal act for the providers or the collection agency to try to collect the bills from you in a work comp case. All medical bills must be approved by the NC Industrial Commission before anyone pays them. So the collection guy is in the wrong.

          If you contact the Chairman's office of the NC Industrial Commission, they will probably call that collection company for you and get them off your back. Or, they may call the medical provider for you and do the same. The providers know the rules, but the collection folks often don't know or don't care.

          Otherwise, you will need a lawyer to deal with it. The NC State Bar (NOT the "Bar Association") has a list of work comp specialist lawyers on its web site.

          The rest of your case is complicated. Quitting will probably turn out to cost you a ton of money, because you have turned down suitable light duty work, but go ahead and try to find a new job. Keep a detailed diary of your job search activities so you will have some chance of proving "disability" if you have to. You may be able to claim "constructive discharge" in the comp case but I think that will be a bit of a long shot.

          Good luck.
          Bob Bollinger, Attorney
          Board Certified Specialist in NC Workers' Compensation Law
          Charlotte, NC


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            Next time, would you please start your own thread instead of attaching it to one several years old? Thank you.
            The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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              Originally posted by rear-ended
              CBG, you do really have a good sense of humor.
              Rearended what kind of meds does you doc have you on?
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