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When should benefits start

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  • When should benefits start

    I had been waiting from June 21, 2005 to Sept. 9th, 2005 when I contacted the Work Comp representative that I thought we had because the employer wouldn't. I repeatedly called and left messages for him to contact them, and informed the staff that I needed for him to call me about contacting work comp, and nothing, so I called on my own. That particular insurance company stated that the claim wouldn't be thier's it would be the new company's responsibility. I contacted work back, and supposedly the HR manager contacted them, and I heard nothing, and at that time requested to see a DR, and was told no, and The work comp insurance said they wouldn't cover any bills relating to this claim until after the review and then would see. Last week they decided to say yes and referred me to a physician. On OCT. 20 the pain was so severe, I couldn't wait any longer and went to the ER. The injury was obtained by manovering 2000lb. pallets into a school full of this years textbooks. The ER physician put me on Vicadin and had me set up an appt with one of thier DR.s. The facility was Wishard. I didn't know previous that this place existed for persons with whom have little income, and working through work comp issues. I also found out that the reg. insurance paid for by the company, had lapsed so there wasn't any coverage anywhere. But, to get back to issue. Finally on Sept. 26, the employer had made the phone call about my not being able to work, and called me to say that since I can't work, I was fired. The work comp insc. took until the 11th of this month to say they were taking it, but won't pay any back benefits. Under Indiana law, is this legal? They are paying me for this week and next. But nothing previous. That is a tremendous amt. of time lapsed by them. And they said they aren't covering for that time period. The injury is low back, and so far, via x-rays, there is arthritis, and a pinched or damaged nerve. They are going to do an MRI on FRI to determine what else is there.

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    Your situation is too complex to address here (and frankly, too confusing as well.) I suggest you contact your State's Worker's Compensation Division directly to discuss the particulars of your situation and/or talk to a local WC attorney.


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