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wc and pay change on light duty

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  • wc and pay change on light duty

    I worked as a nurse at a hospital in Arkansas. I injured myself 5 months ago. At that time I made around $25.00 an hour. I was release to light duty which consists of working at clinics the hospital owns. Today I found out that since clinic nurses make less they want to reduce my pay while on light duty by %4.00 an hour to $20.00 an hour. Is this legal????????If not someone show my some law to prove it is not...thanks

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    It probably is, although I can't speak to Oklahoma's WC regs in particular. In my State, which has among the most generous WC statutes in the country, an employee returned to work on light/altered duty may have his or her wages reduced to the level of compensation they would be receiving if they were off-work. (Actually, it can be reduced further but then the WC carrier has to make up the difference.)

    Since WC TTD benefits in my State are 85% of the employee's rate of pay at the time of injury, that means that an employee returning to work on light duty can have their wages reduced by 15%. (This isn't something that can be done in retaliation for having the injury but rather if the job the employee has been assigned to pays less than his/her regular job which light duty jobs usually do.)

    If you want a specific answer for your State, you can give OK's Worker's Compensation Division a call.


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      It's not "illegal," but the insurance carrier may owe you temporary partial disability benefits.


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