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CA. workers compensation requirements

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  • CA. workers compensation requirements

    If we have a business of four individuals, do we need workers compensation in the state of CA. If no, at what amount of employees does the state require workers comp.

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    Workers Compensation

    Every employer is required to provide workers compensation insurance, regardless of size. Take a look at this website:
    Lillian Connell

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      Ca workers compensation

      If I have three partners and one employee, can the partners waive their requirement to have workers compensation? The employee lives in Georgia. Do we need workers compensation for him in the state of Georgia where he lives, or is he covered on the CA plan? and lastly, is he covered in any state that he works in or is this another policy?


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        Ca W.C.

        You will need a policy in GA, unless the employee's assignment in GA is temporary. It will probably mean a separate policy, though you will need to talk with your insurer.

        According to CA's website:
        Q. Are executive officers or directors of the company covered in its workers' compensation policy?

        A. Generally, all employees of the company, as legally defined, including corporate officers and directors, must be included in the policy unless they are the sole owners of the firm, in which case they may elect not to be covered. Several sections of the California Labor Code must be considered here. You should consult with your attorney, insurance agent or broker, or your carrier regarding the specifics of your situation.

        Let me know if you need additional information.
        Lillian Connell

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          Thank you

          Thank you so much for your information!!


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