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hurt back on job no support

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  • hurt back on job no support

    I currently work for a major warehouse company that sells wholesale products and I work the overnight crew. I do stock. One night I was bending down to pick up a product and when I went to stand back up i felt a pop in my lower back. mind you that this had happened in june I went to management to let them know what had happened and they had said ok when i woke up the next morning i was unable to walk my back was stiff and in pain going down my legs. i went to the hospital and i had told mamagement that i was going and they said yes. i was out of work for a few days and i went back with light duty. from with in that time frame my back was still a problem management had known and nothing was ever mentioned to me on what i needed to do. about 1 week ago they had me move pallets os a/c i went home and the next day i was unable to move back real stiff etc. I let management know again my back is hurt again and all the gm had said if you cant work we cant force you. and that was that well the next day i came to work and the pain in my back was so bad that i had told management that i will be going to the hospital and they said ok they gave me the news about my back saying that i have a lower lumbar strain and so on and that i need to go to a workers comp doc. so on tuesday i left a note with personel regarding that info a nd the next day she approched me saying that we have a problem because i was never allowed to go to the hospital and that no accident report has been filed and i let her know that i did my job by letting them know that i had hurt myself its not my problem if management cant do there job. since the day of the accident they knew what had happened. when she confronted me she also tried telling me that i had a back problem already and ive been seeing a doctor (false not true) so its been 2 months that i had to go with my back in pain because management failed to let me know what i needed to do and now i have to go to physical therapy 3 times a week for 2 weeks for know to see if i can correct my self. what am i able to do?
    they never even had ask me if i wanted to wear a back brace

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    get a lawyer write a report and hand it to personal an keep a copy keep all pappers and doctor reports you will need them keep track of your milage to and from doc and all that has to do with treament thay have to pay you thay will fight it but you have a case you might not want to here this but you will have proublem with your back rest of your life.i have been dealing with wc for over 12 years now thay will pull every trick in the book not to pay you just have to hang in their good luck


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      I will be very happy to assist you please contact me via private e-mail at [email protected] or you can call me at 217/390-4299 Linda ie LMay


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