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  • Need Advice!!

    When I was laid off from my job in New York, the company told me that I would not be eligible for unemployment until my severance pay had ended.
    I was told not to waste my time as I would not be eligible as long they were paying me. This all seems "fishy" to me now.
    As the time for my severance to end grew near, I tried to file anyway.
    The way the unemployment question as stated on line made it seem as though I could not apply for benefits until I was no longer receiving $$ from my former employer. They also said I would need an FEIN #.
    When I asked my former employer for their FEIN #, they did not respond.
    After many attempts to reach unemployment via phone, I was told where
    to find the FEIN #. Then I was told that I could have applied for unemployment even though I had been receiving severance pay!
    I filed an appeal with unemployment and they denied my claim, stating that I had to file as soon as I was laid off. I was actively looking for a job and have documentation to prove it from the time I was laid off. What should I do? Do I have a chance of getting the 6-7 weeks owed me?

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    I will be very happy to assist you please contact me via private e-mail at [email protected] or you can call me at 217/390-4299 Linda ie LMay


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