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Complex Problem NJ

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  • Complex Problem NJ

    I herniated two disc's while working a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I waited almost a week before seeing a doctor because I was hoping it was just a bad muscle pull. Now after seeing a VA doctor (was hurt in the service) and reporting back to my boss about it I find out he doesn't have workmans comp insurance. Now he's telling me he's going to deny anything I say and that because he's my Land Lord as well that he wants me out no later than next month and I have no rental agreement with him for this past year AND he still owes me two weeks pay checks. I do owe him two months rent, he had layed me off and told me not to worry about the rent until he brought me back now it doesn't look like I have a job to go back to at all.

    Now my wife is packing the house and we're both worried about what the future holds for our family. Any advice beyond getting a lawyer or words of encouragement would be greatly apreatiated at this point.

    Edited to Update: Well today I met with my employer reguarding the late paychecks. He acted politely and I actually thought I might have been wrong to worry. Unfortunately I wasn't, when I looked over the pay checks they were all dated as paychecks for work periods dating back three months prior (a time period in which I had been layed off). I informed him that I couldn't accept them and began to leave, he then began threatening me and telling me that I had to take those checks because I wasn't going to see a dime otherwise. At that point I simply walked out and began calling a workman's comp lawyer, while on the phone with the lawyer he proceded to walk out to my car and stuck pay checks (properly dated) in my windshield then left. After he left I attempted to go back into the office to appologise to the secretary for the scene but realised the locks had been changed and his secretary informed me that she was no longer allowed to speak with me.
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    You may be able to find an attorney by looking for a plaintiff's attorney in the phone directory. Or, there may be free or discounted legal resources in your community. You can read more about workers' compensation at:
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