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sexual disfunction due to accident in ga

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  • sexual disfunction due to accident in ga

    i was injured on the job in 2000 and suffered 2 pelvic fractors, a crushed leg muscle and a crushed hip muscle. Workers Comp has been very good to me as far as providing medical treatment and providing a salary. But several months after my accident I found that it was very painful to have sexual intercourse. I spoke to my OBGYN and he said that it was an orthopedic problem. And when I went back to my orthopedic he said that it was a female problem and that I need to see an OBGYN. I was refered to a bladder reconsturctive surgeon he feels as if it is a damaged muscle due to the fractors. Nothing else was said then a year later I went to another bladder specialist and he said, after examination, that there was a soft tissue like bone right under the skin at the opening on the vigina. But I was still referred to the orthopedic surgeon again. My attorney said that there is nothing in the workers comp laws that compensates for female sexual problems. He also said that if I were a man that I could recieve a settlement for a large amount of money. I feel as if I am being discriminated against for being a female. Isn't female sexuality just as important as male sexuality?

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    Workers Compensation

    Yes, it is. You may wish to talk with another attorney who will take your case. You can also talk with the EEOC. They are at

    Another resource for you may the American Civil Liberties Association. The reason that I am suggesting them is that this is a ground-breaking issue. They may be interested in your case.
    Lillian Connell

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      Something similar here ...

      First of all, pardon me for jumping in, but this is kind of associated with my case too.

      Interesting. I feel for dks because it seems that she is not being equal attention for her problems, and she has more injuries than I have. However, with the particular problem she mentions, I'm in the same boat. I don't know where she received counsel but the advice I'm receiving is about the same -- the attitude seems to be "Well, gee, that's tough, guy ... but it's not our job." Things along those lines that let one know that it's really something that nobody wants to address -- tough luck, John.

      I posted a thread in another section.

      One thing I didn't post there is that my sig-other and I haven't
      had "intimacies" for the 1.5+ years since my injury. I'm not going
      to get into the details but it's the pain that is limiting the
      activities. We've tried -- God have we tried -- anyway, I've been told by my Drs (one Ortho Surgeon for the knee and one Ortho Surgeon for the back) that my "problems" are out of the realm of their expertise.

      They suggested I contact a Urologist regarding this problem.
      Seeing I am unemployed, and, I was informed by my attorney that my
      "problem" is not covered by AZ W.C. because I didn't claim it
      initially, well, you can tell about how frustrated both of us are
      on this end of things! OF COURSE IT WASN'T INITIALLY REPORTED!! I
      was in too much pain from the initial injury, and too drugged up
      to consider whoopie! Sheesh ...

      Plus, the doctors in AZ turned a deaf ear when about 1 week
      following the injury, I began complaining of neck pain that
      radiates to my shoulders and sometimes down my arms. I did have
      minor pain in those areas that I indicated on my initial intake
      chart, but they wanted to know about the immediate, initial,
      intense pain, and that was in my R knee and low back, although I
      did indicate secondary pain on intake in the neck/shoulders.

      About 3 weeks into the course of things, I complained in my sexual dysfunction, and was told it would pass when the meds were reduced and I began healing better. Well I'm still in pain and it seems that the pain isn't going to go away, and I still have the "problem." I've brought this up a couple of times with my attorney and he seems to be of the opinion that it would be very difficult associating this with the WC case and he really does not want to pursue it.

      Anyway, what a mess ...

      Any ideas? What happens if I do get in touch with ACLU ... will I
      jeopardize my position with my current attorney/AZ W.C.? Should I advise him I'm seeking help for this additional problem?

      What a mess ...


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        Sexual Dysfunction

        I know of another case where, according to the person, they ended up winning their claim that sexual dysfunction as a result of their workers compensation injury was covered. It wasn't in the state of Arizona. You may wish to consult with an Arizona attorney to discuss your situation. He/she can research the matter to determine your possibilities with AZ.
        Lillian Connell

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          Boating without oar

          AS a despatcher, I have repetitive mva accident,each occasions I feels pains and uncomfortably,especially around my groins and genital areas,previously I have fragments in my hip,besides 7.0 cm infested lacerations on my right thigh, currently have nervous disturbances within the scars area,each visit to urologist with comprehensive examinations,they nothing abnormal (WRONG) with mine. EACH LONELY-OWLING NIGHT , I TOTALLY FEELS FRUSTRATION EVER AFTER, AS I HAVE BURNING DESIRE, BUT NO AVAIL OF RISING UP....APPRECIATED TO KNOW, HOW I COULD PROCLAIMS WITH WORKER COMPENSATIONS WITHOUT STRONG - MEDICAL EVIDENCE OF EXISTING DISABLITY ?..
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