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Workmans Comp Texas

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  • Workmans Comp Texas

    I am a contract laborer, and I was injured at work ,how do I get my medical bill's paid ? I have a broken hand ,broken in several place's.I have no private insurance,and can not work now due to the broken hand.I have had two other injuries at the same place of employement,to my eye and had to go to the local emergency room for treatment both time's.I live in a rural area of texas ,so any state office's or's are long distance to call and to vist.My employer has not even called me to ask if I need any medical help.What can I do now?

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    Independent Contractor

    My first question to you is, "are you sure you meet the qualifications of being an independent contractor?" All too often, employers will classify an employee as an independent contractor just to avoid paying things such as workers compensation. Youc an learn more about the independent contractor vs. employee relationship at:

    If you should have been classified as an employee, you can file a complaint with the US Department of Labor. I would also file a claim with the Texas Workers Compensation Department, letting them know that your employment status is being investigated.
    Lillian Connell

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      Thank You For The link,I did not even know that a person had to meet certian standards to be a contract laborer.


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