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  • Workers Comp Question Michigan Michigan

    Question about a work related injury. I suffered an injury to my wrist while lifting something heavy. Was told it was likely tendonitis and to take a few days off to rest it, ice, NSAID medications.

    My question is this: Tendonitis is usually a condition that develops over time and can be due to any number of things, usually repetitive type motions. I think the “injury” that occurred at work was just the straw that broke the camels back as I had never experienced pain in my wrist. I don't feel like this is solely a work related thing. Is there any rule that says it has to be considered workers comp? I don't feel right having my employer pay for something that I feel isn't 100% work related. It feels shady, like I would be taking advantage of the situation. My manager and supervisors are awesome and I believe they would give me the couple of days off that I need to rest it but I'm not sure how this works. We don't have a local HR person on site.

    Thank you.

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    If you injured your wrist at work, your employer is required to report the incident to its workers comp insurance carrier. The workers comp carrier will make a determination as to whether or not you should receive benefits.
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      What Marketeer said. I know you mean well, but you can actually cause your employer a lot worse problems by not reporting it and letting them handle it through their worker's comp carrier. Inform your employer of your doctor's orders and then comply with them.


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        Was told it was tendonitis by whom? The condition is just inflammation of the tendon and can be caused by one distinct incident/injury, or many little injuries over time. If you had a sudden onset, it was the former. Lifting something heavy would do it as it puts strain on said tendons. File the claim. Seek treatment. Go back to work when released. Ask your employer if they have light duty. Chances are yours will resolve with just a few days off and some OTC meds for inflammation.
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          Ditto to what Elle said. I used workers comp for De Quervain Syndrom (which affects the thumb). It can be caused by overuse (it's sometimes call Gamer's Thumb, because it's seen in people who play a lot of video games). I was carrying a box to the mail room, the box started to drop, and I twisted my wrist and thumb awkwardly trying to prevent the package from dropping to the floor. In my case, it was an injury and the onset was immediate.
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            I agree with the others that it should be reported and let worker's comp make a determination. However I want to point out that there is a waiting period before lost time is paid. If you are only taking a few days, it would fall under the waiting period and you wouldn't be paid.


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