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4 drug tests and false injury report Nevada Nevada

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  • 4 drug tests and false injury report Nevada Nevada

    Hello all,
    Any advice is appreciated.
    I was injured at work (lower back)
    And have had to fight ins co to get Treatment. In the mean time I have had to take 4 drug tests 3 in last 2 months. Passed all. The last one was ime dr went to appointment and left after exam then dr called back and said we need you to come back and take drug test we forgot to give you.
    It was already late afternoon and dr office 15 miles away I told them I can't come back today I have plans.
    Also told them cant afford to miss work again. I ended up going back 2 days later and took and passed.
    My employer used this as part of their reason for firing along with attendance. Have only missed time
    For dr appointments and pain, no sleep. They claim this is violating workers comp rules?
    And lying to dr because I didnt leave the house. They were watching I guess. Some kind of weird setup I guess.
    Also while at IME dr he told me the medical report he was given stated I hurt myself stepping off ladder which is completly false and not what I wrote on accident report I filled out at work or the one filled out at clinic.
    It makes me look like im lying and how bad could I hurt myself stepping off a ladder as apposed to slipping off machine which is what did happen and what I reported.
    Is any of this illegal and can I do anything about it.

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    Also ref.
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      Originally posted by Betty3 View Post
      ...where OP scolds cbg (scolds! cbg!) for not knowing anything about ADA and related laws. Quite humorous.


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        Proper sentences would help as it is very hard to follow your story. Drug tests are very common and standard practice, especially if you have been given any narcotics. Failure to submit to a drug test when asked- not two days later- is cause in many states to terminate benefits. I do not know Nevada's stance on this but I would be surprised if they were the exception.

        I am not following why you were terminated. If you were missing time from work which was not authorized, then that is a legal and legitimate reason.
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          re:drug tests

          Sorry didnt realize I was back here again..
          No help here just criticism.


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            OPs who know where they are are generally more credible than OPs who don't.


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              Wow now criticized for not remembering moderator at every forum. Yet you people that think there on a throne because your a moderator and know everything.
              If you were here because you care you wont be so critical of every little thing and assume that OP's are wrong about everything and its your duty to drive that home as opposed to finding out whole story.
              News flash everything said here is not correct
              Good day


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