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Employer responsible for pay for time off for doctor appointments? IL/ IN

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  • Employer responsible for pay for time off for doctor appointments? IL/ IN

    I've looked through old posts and I think I have the answer; however, with laws quickly changing I would hate to not follow up.

    I believe I have read that an employer is not responsible to pay an employee that has an W/C appointment during work hours. Is that correct?

    Also, I believe it is the employee's responsibility to follow up with the employer regarding future appointment times and dates and schedule the appointments as to not interfere with the business schedule? (As much as possible, that is.) He or she should also have a RTW note after each appointment expressing whether there are restrictions or may return to full duty?

    We have an employee who said he was being generous making the appointments on their time; however, he might just start making the appointments during the time he is scheduled to work. It appears he didn't like something that happened at work the other day.

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    There is only one state which requires time spent at WC related medical appointments (aside from the day of injury or employer scheduled IME) be treated as work hours and that state is CT. In every other state, it is up to you to set your own policy. That means that yes, you can require that the appointments be made around work hours or that the employee use their own leave to attend.

    There ar eno laws which govern how often an employee must check in with the employer in any state or when a note must be generated. Totally up to the employer.
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