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luv thy lawyer and Pennsylvania

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  • luv thy lawyer and Pennsylvania

    Just have one last question.. (I hope)..after 4 long years, with 2 of them having a GREAT Wc a notice saying the judges decision was in my favor. (This was a 3rd party settlement agreement my lawyer had to file due to the wording in the agreement). We won and my lawyer did say she believes work comp ins carrier will probably appeal.

    My question is..... (do not have the nerve to ask my lawyer)....Will she get paid for her time she spent at all the court hearings? I believe there were 6 hearings on this? I know she will get 20% of my back pay...which she deserves..and also the Drs are to be reimbursed also at 100%...not the 34% the ins carrier was paying them....will she be entitled to 20% of that also? The comp carrier tried to pull a quick one over on me way back 4yrs ago...and it backfired on them so far...they re-worded the 3rd party language in two different agreements they drew up to have me sign. And if they appeal if we end up losing will she still be paid her fees?

    There is still going to be a lot of BS with this stupid case cause they are now trying to say I got hurt in an off the job accident which is not true....and going to need this great lawyer of mine and worrys me she maybe doing all this forr nothing. Thanks as usual for any help! !!!!

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    Attorneys are not paid based in the value of the medicals. How they are paid is set by statute. Claimants attorneys know if they don't win, they don't collect. It is one of those hazards of the trade so this is not going to be a surprise. Since there is a 3rd party suit, surely you signed an agreement for that part of the case. It would not fall under the provisions of the WC regs.
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      Thank you Elle


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