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moving and workers comp ? South Dakota

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  • moving and workers comp ? South Dakota

    my question is if getting workers comp temp check weekly can you move and will effect my checks? even if can perform light duty,but not at your place of employment.right now they have me placed at a volunteer place with my employer paying my wage's.but do to means beyond my control i have to move,because losing the house i live in now.not like just moving to move.also if true and can stop my weekly temp check can i still get medical treatment for my injury,i have not been released to full duty,just a modifed light duty.also moving effect me getting my mmi impairment rating and a final just lost and confused. every attorney i contact seems not to want the case or claims a conflict of intrest.some one please help me understand and some advise or something. thanks so much for your time and sorry for typo error's.have a nice day all!!!!

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    As you have been released to light duty, and your employER has provided a job within those restrictions, voluntary quitting your job would be reason to stop any wage replacement benefits you may be eligible for.

    Whether the move is due to the reasons you say here, or simply because you want to relocate, doesn't matter or change the WC rules or your claim.
    Medical care is available anywhere you choose to live in the U.S. That doesn't mean out of state Dr/providers are required to accept your state WC rules, or payment structure. Many Dr refuse because their own states WC system is difficult enough to navigate, taking on out of state mandates is not paying any extra money.
    ,i have not been released to full duty,just a modifed light duty.also moving effect me getting my mmi impairment rating and a final settlement
    While you may receive treatment out of state, once you are MMI, a Dr from your state would have to evaluate and rate you. That would include returning, at the ER/IC cost for a rating to PPD.

    If you are required to return to SD for a hearing in your claim, you would be responsible for that travel cost.
    There is never a guarantee of a cash payment to settle a WC claim.
    WC is all about paying benefits. Medical care, wage replacement while you treat/recover, and permenant disability indemnity benefits if due.

    The SD WC site is down right now...
    But you can find info here
    The SD WC statutes are here

    It is generally not a good idea to leave your state while treating or with a claim that has not been resolved.


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