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Would really appreciate any insight:CA/EDD

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  • Would really appreciate any insight:CA/EDD

    I truly feel like an idiot. I did not state accurate amounts earned to EDD when I took on a part-time job. The reason I (think) did this was that I thought the job would not last (non-profit running out of funding) and so I figured that somehow not reporting would then make up doesn't matter. The fact is, I can now re-open a claim, but...1. Will they petition that employer for records? 2. Is there any thing I could say? A lawyer friend does not think this is is big deal, but from what I'm reading here, it is. 3. Does the possibility of a fine and re-payments make it even worth trying? It would be a new claim, so it would run a long time. But jail??

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    The EDD sends a letter to the last employer to find out why you are no longer there. As soon as you try to open your claim, they are going to ask why and when you tell them, I was working at a job which laid me off due to lack of funding, bingo. It WILL be discovered, now or some time in the future. You may be determined otherwise eligible for benefits and any benefits that might be due you under the new claim MAY be withheld until the overpaid benefits from the fraud is repaid.

    Jail, no. But an attorney who tells you this is "no big deal", IMHO, has an ethics problem. It's fraud, plain and simple.

    Now I hear, anecdotally, that CA is in such bad financial shape that they don't have the staff or resources to pursue repayment (which you would think would make them MORE likely to do so).

    But either way, rest assured, it will be found out.
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