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Overpayment - PA Pennsylvania

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  • Overpayment - PA Pennsylvania

    I have been collecting since September 2009. In March I exhausted initial benefits, and should have moved to tier I. I received a letter that I had received one week overpayment on my intial claim. I have not received benefits in 7 weeks. I have called dozens of times, been told everything from needing to register with Careerlink (I have) to "it will resolve itself" to "I just released the funds, you'll have it Friday." The latest call resulted in being told that as soon as my overpayment was taken care of in Harrisburg by the "overpayment department" the other 6 weeks (or however long it is by then) would be released. I was told they usually get to it by Wednesday. I'm not sure what Wednesday he was talking about, as 7 Wednesdays have passed. They have thousands to handle and my guess is apparently as good as his as to when this might happen. Each representative I talk to tells me something different than the one before; today I was told no one can give the order to just "release the funds" as the gentleman I spoke to last week claimed to do.

    I am happy to pay back the extra week of initial claim money and continue on with tier I but can't seem to get them to just do it and release the other weeks of my tier I benefits. I have four children and have had no income in almost two months. Any advice appreciated!

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    Do you have an attorney? If not, this might be a good time to consult with one.
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