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Incorrect Salary for the past 3 stubs (1 1/2 months) [Georgia] Georgia

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  • Incorrect Salary for the past 3 stubs (1 1/2 months) [Georgia] Georgia

    Hi everyone,

    I have been working for my new employer in a full-time position for the past 2 1/2 months. I have had 3 salary stubs transferred and all 3 have been incorrect. At the current rate, I am receiving $20K less per annum than what my salary was fixed when I started; the same is what showed in my offer letter.

    Despite bringing this up with my boss and Payroll, the issue hasn't been fixed. The last time I spoke with them, they assured me that this will be fixed and I have all my communication regarding this in e-mail and chat logs. I have received the 3rd stub today, and its still incorrect. What are my options? I want to leave the employer but I do not want to leave without the money that I have earned.

    Please advise. Its been a little stressful thinking about this, and I am really glad I have found this forum.

    Thank you
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    They aren't legally required to pay you anything more than minimum wage so you don't have much leverage here unless you have a bona-fide employment contract which isn't likely. An offer letter is not a contract.

    I can't imagine why your supervisor and payroll haven't been able to get this fixed for you. Do you have an HR representative? If so, I'd go and see him/her and see what they can do about it. (If this was brought to my attention, I'd be on the phone to payroll instantly and tell them to FIX THIS NOW!!!)


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      Beth: Thank you for the quick reply and thanks for the clarification.

      That means, currently, I do not have much options even though I am not being paid what I was initially promised. This makes matters worse, and in a market like this, I am not sure how easy it will be to find another job. I wouldn't like to continue either way.

      Thanks again.


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